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In many parts of the world, antiques and flea markets are incredibly popular. In Israel they are less so, but there are two really famous flea markets in the city, one being the flea market in Jaffa, which we will write some more about at another time, and the other being the more centrally located (if you are staying in Tel Aviv and not in Jaffa, at least) on Dizengof Square.   The Dizengof Square flea market is open twice a week, on Tuesday afternoons and on Friday mornings.   You will find a large variety of things for sale here, from actual valuable antiques to vintage books and postcards, vintage handbags, sunglasses and jewelry and much more. The quality, however, varies quite a bit and some of the stalls are rather overpriced, so always inspect all the things you are interested in buying very carefully.   Haggling is possible, but most of the sellers are rather good at it, so if you try to haggle in order to get the price down, be prepared.   A lot of the time one of the sellers brings a boom box and plays music from the 1950's, 1960's and 1980's, which creates a nice, vintage-feel atmosphere around the square. Both tourists and locals visit the Dizengof Square flea market and collectors and those really interested in antiques or vintage items can really spend hours here. So if you are looking for anything vintage while in Tel Aviv, this is definitely one of our top choices!

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