One of the best places for frozen yoghurt in Tel Aviv: Tamara

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Tamara is a place most people who like frozen yoghurt in Tel Aviv would know of. This place is not very big, but always packed, both during the summer and even in the winter, because of their delicious, natural frozen yoghurt. Besides the yoghurt, however, you can also get tons of fun toppings on it, making a frozen yoghurt at Tamara a treat even for those who are not big fans of frozen yoghurt in itself. Toppings include fresh fruit, nuts, berries, melted chocolate, many different sauces, granola, Oreos and other crushed things. (We personally love the melted Ferrerro Rocher chocolate sauce and oranges, kiwis, strawberries and other fresh fruit as toppings, so if you really do not know what to choose from the large selection, you might want to try a combo like that)   The place itself is really nicely designed as well, with swings instead of seats for some people, and a lovely, light blue decor.   So we can definitely recommend you visit Tamara, on Ben Yehuda 96, on the corner with Gordon Street, in central Tel Aviv when you are in the mood for some froyo!   For more information about them, check out their Facebook page (in Hebrew) here.

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